The Islamic Center will be hosting Iftar dinners every weeknight of Ramadan at 238 Thompson St., 4th floor (map and directions included here). Iftar is the meal eaten after sunset during Ramadan to break the day’s fast.  The IC offers this service free and it is open to the community. You can volunteer your time or donate to sponsor an iftar.


Following Iftar dinners, the Islamic Center will be conducting Taraweeh prayers in congregation after Isha prayer.  Taraweeh prayers are prayed during each night of the month of Ramadan and are not compulsory, but highly recommended to be performed.

Taraweeh Prayer Reciters:                                                  

Ismail PicIsmail “Calligrafist” Sayeed, is an African American Hafidh of Quran, Who Completed His Studies/Memorization of The Quran in Trinidad and Tobago at The Age of 16 at Jamia Madinatul Uloom, Becoming The First American Student to Complete at The School, also The Fastest in a Year and a Half.

Ismail Has Served as an Assistant Imam and Imam In Trinidad as Well as in The USA.
Aside From Leading Prayers During Ramadhan, Ismail is a Photographer and Artist Based in NYC, He’s Very active in The New York Community Religiously and Otherwise.

Date and Time:

Every weeknight from June 17th until the last day of Ramadan at Sunset


The Islamic Center at NYU


Amongst the many services offered by the Islamic Center at NYU is a weekly jummah prayer open to everyone: men and women, students and non-students, and NYU and non-NYU individuals.

Jummah is held every Friday at the Islamic Center located at 238 Thompson St., 5th floor. Services start at 1:30pm and conclude around 2pm, inshallah. The first adhan is given at 1:15pm.

Please note that a Government Issued ID is required to access the building. Allow for extra time for this process when visiting the IC.

3 Responses to “Services”
  1. abdul says:

    I missed that the services are held ONLY during the weekdays and showed up there looking lost lol… so just a heads up if there are others out there like me that overlooked that part

  2. Kashaf says:

    I am
    Highly impressed by the services of IC mashaAllah ..!!! May Allah give prosperity to this org..! Just wana know that you IC have any branch in California escpply in San Jose or nearby city.!!! ???
    I ll be delightful to visit this place if have any center near my place..!

  3. Sulaiman Abu Suhail says:

    Assalaamu’alaykum. I’m an Indonesian Muslim an will be in New York next week for a short course. I need information about the Eid Prayer in New York, if possible i want to attend the prayer. Thank you for your help

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