Sponsor an Iftar

Sponsor an Iftar:

Donations can be made online through NYU’s Office of Development by clicking here (and following the “Ramadan Fund” link) or via checks made payable to New York University.  All donations made are tax-deductible.  

On average we provide food for 250 – 300 guests, and costs can range from $1,650 – $1,750. We look to the community at large to help by sponsoring a night, half a night, or any amount that is possible. The Islamic Center greatly appreciates every donation. Food is ordered nightly from local halal restaurants and for this reason, there is a constant need for liquid funds.

If you decide to use any of these options, please be sure to include an address along with your gift so that we make sure to send you your receipt for tax-deduction.  We will be collecting donations throughout the month so feel free to bring yours when you come to iftar.

General Donations:

If you are interested in making a one-time, monthly, annual, or general donation to the Islamic Center at NYU,  please click here.

Service Costs:

Items Cost per Day
Food (At the IC, Med Center, & Dental School) $800.00
Building Operations: Fees to keep building open after regular Summer hours of Operation $600.00
Taraweeh Costs $120.00
Fruits & Dates $30.00
Paper Products, Cleaning Supplies, & Misc. $40.00
Total Cost Per Day $1,589.00
Eid Costs
Eid Brunch – Food, paper products & decorations $2,500.00
Total Cost for Eid Prayers and Brunch $2,500.00
Per day cost for Eid $120.00
Final per day cost for IC during Ramadan $1,709.00

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